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Cardio Abs




start in c-sit position, bring your hands together in front of your chest and twist from left to right.

Twists with knee

basically the same as the twists but as you turn to the left, lift your left knee, and vice versa on the right.

A-frame ab twists

start in a c-sit with your hands together over your head. Bring your hands down and to left, then up above your head, down and to the right, back up above your head. Repeat.

A-frame with knee

basically the same as the ab twists but when you bring your hands down you bring the corresponding knee up and in between the arms.

Hold center

hold a c-sit position with your hands together in front of your chest.

Single leg raises

back leg bent, foot on the floor, front leg flat on the ground, palms flat on the floor in front of glutes, c-sit position, with front leg, bring knee in then out, then lift leg up and down. do the same on the other side.

Both legs

same as above but with both legs at the same time

High plank alternating knees

start from high plank position (push-up) and alternate between lifting each leg, bringing the knee up toward your shoulder to work your obliques. Start slow and progressively speed up.

Low plank alternating knees

same as the previous exercise but from a low plank position (basically the low plank obliques from the fit test).

Pulse tucks

from a low plank position, tuck your hips under 8 times. Switch to a high plank position and do the same motion. Repeat.