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Plyometric Cardio Circuit



Suicide drills

Run from side to side, bending down and touching the floor when you reach the furthest point to each side.

Power squats

Like standard squats except you jumping in and out of the squat position instead of just doing a squat.

Mountain climbers

Like a high-knee jog but you reach upward as you run, kinda like you are climbing up a mountain very fast!

Ski jumps

Jump from side to side, bend your knees and swing your arms like you are skiing down a hill.

Switch feet

Jump up in the air while swinging the feet alternately front to back in a scissor-like motion.

Football wide sprints

Run on the spot with a very wide stance with your hands out in front of you, then drop to the ground, get set and run on the spot again.

Basketball drills

Bend down with your hands to the floor in a squat position, then jump up as if you’re shooting a basketball. Drop back down and repeat.

Level 1 drills

Drop to the floor from a standing position and do a series of pushups followed by a floor sprints, then hop your feet up between your arms, jump into the air and repeat.

Ski abs

From plank position with feet together, bring your feet up toward your left shoulder in a jumping motion. Jump back to plank and repeat on the right side.

In-out abs

From plank position, bring your feet up between your arms in a jumping motion. Jump back to plank and repeat.


Start with a wide stance, knees bent and alternate between left and right jabs.

Cross jacks

One armed jumping jacks with feet go from a wide sideways stance to a wide front-to-back stance.


Start in a wide, low stance, alternating between left and right uppercuts.


Similar to the jab but in a lower, squat-like stance and with open hands.