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The most underrated roguelike rpg you might be missing.



Game: Slay the Spire

Platform: Playstation

Review by Alex.B

I decided to try Slay The Spire as it was the free game for the month of April for playstation plus. I was surprised by the simple mechanics of this game and overall addicting gameplay, to make it easy to understand think of games like yugioh, megaman battle network, hearthstone.

The game is simple you climb a floor and depending on your path you can either be in a monster combat, a random encounter where you can gain or lose or both depending on what you decide, a shop to buy new cards for your run or rid of some old ones, or just a rest to either gain some HP back or upgrade a card.

The game has no right or wrong way to play, you pretty much learn as you keep playing and figure out for yourself which works better. I lost so many times but I don't get frustrated and quit I keep trying different combinations hoping I make the right choices. To add to the replay ability there's 3 characters with different playstyles to choose from (There's a 4th character who I haven't unlocked yet.)

Definitely check this game out again its free for the month of April for PlayStation and it's also on PC. Xbox and mobile.


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