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"I enjoyed this movie a lot. I was surprised when it finished, so many films are much longer than an hour and a half. Definitely wanted so more time in this movie! I would definitely recommend it yes it is a simple ""oh no something goes wrong, i am stuck somewhere but i get away"" sort of film, the dynamics and the filming itself of the movie was very good. Though a bit more context with Mill's family would have been nice, the fact the film has makes it an interesting watch as we get to see the interactions and emotions of the characters in more implied ways. You can tell that Adam Driver's characters is experiencing emotions, especially at the start where he is recording the distress signals. There are some cute and funny moments between Mills and Kora, that Father/Daughter or Found Family dynamic that is very great to see! Overall, i love the movie have some scares, got some joy and some tears. It is actually quite refreshing to have such a simple film in and amongst alot of the mega and long films coming out these days. Good film. Cant go wrong with space and dinosaurs in my opinion! Go check it out! "


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