Can you keep a Secret?



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"Ok just finish watching this movie and it’s a romantic comedy for sure! The main character Emma kind reminds me of myself. She doesn’t know what she wants in life. And just does the least she can do at her job lol. She had to travel to Chicago to promote a brand that she works at and doesn’t go well at all and basically gets drunk. Meets a guy name jack and end up telling all her secrets because the plane had a terrible trembelant that last a while and doesn’t realize she continue to telling him everything. He ends up stoping her once they landed. She’s definitely unhappy and what she tells him and she ends up finding out that his her boss coming to her job making sure Every thing is going with company. Well that’s the gist of it mostly, and it’s pretty funny, when you continue watching it and get stuck on it once you continue watching it. I like the actors who is apart of it and how freaking cute this movie is! Anyways watch it if you’re feeling like you need something lifting to watch! "

Author: Kratos Agape


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