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Hocus Pocus 2





"The sanders sisters are back!!! 29 years since the original movie and they are finally back! Love love the original hocus pocus and love that the original sanders sisters are back on this sequel.

The little back story showing them as young is cute on how spot on the kids act like the originals. As well as it shows how Winnie turned 16 years old and is forced to get married with one of the men or she would had to be banned from town Salem.

Bring this movie in 2022 is definitely a crazy world for the sanders sisters. That they believe the world is so magical because of all the technology and face cream that they thought it was made of children. Lol Don’t want to give so much details … just want to say how funny this movie is and how it just brought me back as a kid. While my baby boy was taking a nap.

Hope he enjoys these movie as much as I do. "

Author: Kratos Agape


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