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John Wick 4




Ever since the original John Wick, the franchise has set a standard of what action in Hollywood should be. Thanks to director Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeve's knowledge of the technical aspects of shooting action, they've been able to deliver an incredible movie!!! And so, the expectations for a fourth film were fairly high, especially as it seem like it going to be the last movie for the John wick saga. It definitely delivers one hundred percent !! Everything we have come to know and love is here, but with an infusion of creativity like we haven't seen from the franchise yet. There was definitely some broken heart in part of the movie. But it’s all worth watching. And there are honestly dozens of shots that look like they have been pulled straight from an art gallery or the pages of a comic book… It's a full cast, but everyone gets a chance to shine and could easily have their own films… Bill Skarsgard makes for a great and menacing villain. Still reminding me as the character IT lol. Shamier Anderson and newbie Rina Sawayama each makes their mark and leaves us wanting more of their characters… But, of course, this is Keanu's film all the way and he gets to bring everything with him in the biggest film yet! Combat scenes are not moments so much as they are entire acts. The amount of stunt choreography that everybody had to synchronise to is rather incredible, and they continue to find more ways to entertain us with kills, kill types, use of different weapons, locations, dogs, teamwork, etc. The film delivers on it’s promise of non stop action and thrilling stunts that showcase Reeves' physical prowess and dedication. The fight scenes are inventive and brutal, ranging from hand to hand combat to gunfights to car chases. Not wanting to spoiler anything, and I’m not going to! It’s that incredible to watch! Trust me it’s worth it 100 percent!!! Love love love this movie !

Author: Kratos Agape


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