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"Don’t listen to all of the negative reviews about this movie because it was a really good movie for starters it has a decent cast and their is plenty of good action scenes throughout the movie and their is also suspense in the movie and their is homour too. So yeah this is a great Sci-Fi action disaster movie it’s definitely a must watch for the people who like Sci-Fi disaster action movies.

So this movie is basically about the moon crashing into earth so your typical disaster movie their are tsunamis and earthquakes and massive gravity wells and all of that cool stuff and this movie will make you laugh too and they have to basically stop the moon from crashing into earth and you have Artificial Intelligence in this movie too which is the reason why the moon is colliding with earth so yeah a very interesting movie with a typical plot but still good. And like i said their is a decent cast for example you have Halle Berry in the movie along with John Bradley and Patrick Wilson so yeah some good actors/actresses in the movie. And the movie is easy enough to understand but their are lots of different people/characters in the movie to keep up with and to remember who they all are so yeah pay attention to that.

So overall I recommend that you go and watch this movie don’t listen to all of the negative reviews out their because all of our opinions are different so just go and watch the movie for yourself and see what you think."

Author: Kratos Agape


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