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Your Place or Mine



RATING ⭐⭐⭐⚝⚝
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"Hey everyone so this movie for sure came out just in time for Valentine’s Day on Netflix. So I’m guessing it’s an romantic comedy maybe lol Going to start watching then continue writing this review So far it’s starts off in 2003 Showing hints why it’s 2003 so kinda funny. As actors Ashton Kutcher (Peter) and Reese Witherspoon (Debbie) make out. Goes to the future 20 years later thinking they’re still together and with one one else in their bed. They were just on the phone on speaker laying on their own beds. One in Los Angeles and one in New York. So it seems like they’re great friends. It’s Peter birthday and debbie is planning to go over to newyork and celebrate even if she freaking out about living her son jack In Los Angeles while gone. I like that it shows how Debbie’s life first in how single mom can be and then shows how Peter life is in how it can be so lonesome. Plot twist, Debbie is able to go to New York because baby sitter bail . But Peter volunteers to fly to Los Angeles to baby sit her son while she has fun in New York for a whole week. So yeah it’s it basically switching lives for a whole week. Peter learns a lot of taking responsibility. And Debbie learns to have time for herself think of herself not just about everyone else. Peter and Debbie realize they don’t tell each other everything. Turns the end Debbie find something that shows that Peter I’m in love with her for all these years. Towards the end they end up getting together. It’s was a ok for me. It’s not as funny as I thought and not too romantic either. Just because they were separate most of the movie. So its ok. "

Author: Kratos Agape


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