Firefly Lane Season 1 | Episode 1




"In June 20th 1970 we’re introduced to young Tully. Her and her mother Dorothy is back, now going by the name of Cloud. It’s been four years since she’s seen her daughter and apparently she’s clean from drugs now. She snatches up her kid and takes off. Unfortunately this brings Tully to a peace march where Cloud loses sight of her daughter and leaves the girl alone and afraid. She’s stranded in the midst of this bustling, cacophonous noise of other protestors and curls up on a bench. Eventually, she heads back toward to stay with her Grandmother. Tully has been a terrible wreck because of her mother. Eventually when she became 14 her mother came back again but this time to live with her. That’s were Tully met her new neighbor name Kate. Kate is a sweet soul who isn’t popular at all and that’s what Tully needs in her life. As well as Kate needs fully in her life. Back in the present, Tully phones Kate during her “special hour”, which is basically when she’s folding clothes. Tully hopes the ratings for her show will improve. Kate and Her 14 year old daughter Marah has got into trouble at school again, bunking classes while grappling with Kate’s divorce which is clearly weighing heavily over the family. Unfortunately, this incident results in Kate missing her interview for Seattle Digest and showing up half hour late. It shows a back and forth past and present. To tell more about Kate bad Tully life’s. And you definitely get stuck watching the whole episode that you have to watch the next one! It’s a great series so far it won’t disappoint."

Author: Kratos Agape


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