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Firefly Lane Season 1 | Episode 2




"Episode 2 of Firefly Lane returns to the high school party in the 70’s as Pat Richmond gets Tully drunk, convincing her to continue letting her guard down. Tully chugs alcohol, struggling to walk in a straight line. As the pair start kissing, Pat eventually forces himself on her as she pleads with him to stop. Well, he doesn’t and after finishing, gets up like nothing happened and asks if she wants more to drink. Things are predictably awful in the morning when Cloud awakens high and with a strange man in the house. He gets close to Tully in the kitchen too close in fact as she turns and smacks him in the face with a spatula. With nowhere else to turn, Tully heads over to Kate’s but finds her inside laughing and joking with her brother a far cry from the broken home she’s from. And then it shows In the 80’s, Carol Mansour shoots an advertisement for CDs before Kate’s brother Sean arrives to greet them in the office. He’s been overseas all this time and has finally returned from his stint in the Navy . And only Tully knows he is gay and he tells her how he met someone and not sure to let her sister know or not. In 2003, Tully sits with Johnny as they discuss Kate and how she was playing “divorce chicken” with him. She wanted to make a go of their relationship but it obviously failed to manifest itself. The conversation soon turns to Tully’s reporting job, as Johnny admits he’s returning to Iraq again as a war correspondent. As he questions the choices they made in the past, Tully dodges the question and walks away. Well, she heads over to Kate’s house the next day where Marah continues to whisper about the pill and how she suspects Kate is going to figure things out. It’s definitely a show you need to pay attention because they’re so much details! So I gotta let you guys know you gotta binge watch this show as much as you can lol "

Author: Kratos Agape


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