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Home Economics Season 1 | Episode 2




"So now that the Hayworth siblings are living close together they all started to spent time at each other house and just realize the financial status in how they live. The youngest Connor is getting divorced and learning how to become a single dad and now haves to do a toast of his old friend wedding. And ends up asking his older brother Tom to write it since he’s the writer. Sarah’s wife brings up that she wanted a bigger wedding. Denise end up showing Sarah her fav show “say yes to the dress” And Sarah definitely got into it as well as her kids. Tom and Conner got into an argument and made a scene at spags wedding. Pretty funny episode to realize there emotions when they were kids and how they feel now. They all end up enjoying their time at the wedding. And even Sarah made a romantic a gesture to her wife by doing their first dance at another wedding since they never really have a wedding. "

Author: Kratos Agape


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