New Amsterdam Season 1 | Episode 2




"On New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 2, “Rituals,” Max is forced to balance problems coming at him from every direction. His personal and professional lives are both crumbling as he desperately tries to succeed in both arenas. Max might just be the most naive, character I’ve ever seen on television. I absolutely love the concept of a medical drama about doctors fighting to fix our broken healthcare system. Healthcare is complicated. There are very few problems that can be solved simply by saying “done” when someone asks for something. One of my favorite moments of “Ritual” is when Max takes the time to support the janitorial staff. Those people are the unsung heroes of the hospital. Max empowers them and includes them in his mission to reduce infection rates. Max is trying his best to make multiple changes in the hospital all at once. He is totally swamped with work, and his pregnant wife is paying the price. I’m actually having trouble believing Max’s ambition to the point of neglecting his wife especially with his cancer diagnosis hanging over his head. Max seems to have such a big heart and so much compassion, but he has none of it left over for his family."

Author: Kratos Agape


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