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The Kardashians Season 2 | Episode 5




"At the hospital, Kim and Corey are pacing the halls while Kris is spread eagled upside down on the operating table. We see blood everywhere as a surgeon uses a hammer to put the artificial hip into place. Surgery went grate. And now the recovery starts. Khloé come over Kris’s house and had said she should have a boob job just because her boobs are done after having true. Lol Bras definitely work magic for all women boobs when they need a lift. I wouldn’t mind one myself lol. But ofcourse Kris as a mom told her she’s perfect the way she is. As all mom think of their children. When Kendall arrives at Kylie's office. Kylie has been suffering from the baby blues but Kendall has the answer for Kylie and herself to tear it up in Vegas for the weekend! Which Kendall would love because she has to be there to promote her tequila company. Ofcourse Kylie doesn’t go like she usually does but it’s so understandable this time just because she just had a newborn. I honestly rarely go out because of my little one. And they also do the variety interview for their new Hulu show. Kim invited Khloé to a Skims events, but there is not enough alcohol to make Khloé forget about Tristan. . They go back to the hotel. True to her word, Kim does not stop working while Khloé and the girls have fun. Khloé gives Kim shit for editing photos of the party but if Khloé had a fucking business that she was passionate about then she would know what it takes to run a fucking business but she doesn't. Khloé leaves to go to a club but the vibe is underwhelming. Maimi wasn’t the greatest that time lol. Anyway there is more to say but so many details. Just watch the kardashians on Hulu. I’m going to want the next episode right now. "


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