The Kardashians Season 2 | Episode 6




"On this episode of the kardashians show how hard Kourtney is working and Honestly, Kourtney has literally never worked harder in her life. From what I seen lol. Their hairstylist questions them about what happened in Vegas. Nothing happened in Vegas, legally speaking. And Kourtney can't really remember because she was so far gone. She has videos of vows in front of Elvis though. She is truly living her best life now...because she doesn’t seem she was this happy before even if just having her kids. And that’s all bad. At Kris's house, kris is healing slowly and she getting fustrates. She definitely inpatient like come on she had a hip replacement lol. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Kendall (but not Kylie) arrive at Jimmy Kimmel. Kris finally tells Khloé that she is perfect the way she is and doesn't need a boob job (but if you've seen Khloé lately, you'll know that she got one anyway). Kim freaks out because she doesn't have body make-up on her tummy so the whole glam team spring into action. She tells the crew to film the flowers that Pete sent her. He signed them 'Aladdin' which was cute to Kim but nauseating to everyone else. At Kim's office, Tyra and them have arrived for the photo shoot. Kim gushes over all of them in a way that makes them regret agreeing to do it. Kim has organised for there to be a beignet truck outside which she knows was an evil thing to do because even though she's selling shape wear and body positivity, no-one wants to see a bloated supermodel. Heidi asks why Kim isn't going to be in the photos with them. Kim says she's not a model and doesn't know what she's doing ... as if she hasn't done four photoshoots a week for the last twelve years. Inevitably, Kim joins in with the shoot. Then she finally lets the models eat. At their respective houses, they are getting ready for the premiere of The Kardashians. Pete is going with Kim but they're not doing the red carpet together. Pete's styling team, barber and tailor show up. Kim passive-aggressively says that she can't believe Pete is putting in so much effort ... she thought he was just going to wear a hoodie. Kourtney and Travis talk about their wedding invitations which apparently were sent via email lol which is pretty funny. D They all walk the red carpet. A special mention goes to the cameraman who panned away right as Kravis was about to kiss. Kourtney thinks the haters who don't like to see her get tongue fucked on the regular should start living like she does; as if no-one is watching. She hasn't seemed to realize yet that Travis is only with her because people are watching.... Then we watch people watching the show that we watched eight months ago but are also watching right now. Khloé screamed 'LIAR!' at the screen when Tristan was telling her how excited he was to keep building their family which, I can't lie, was iconic. We do not see even a glimpse of Pete. So another day of being the kardashians. " "

Author: Kratos Agape


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