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The Kardashians Season 3 | Episode 1




A lot has happened in The Kardashians universe since the last crop of episodes. Kim Kardashian is yet again a single woman and still dealing with never ending nonsense from her ex husband Kanye West. Kourtney Kardashian is still doing the most even though she’s now officially married to Travis Barker. And unfortunately, Khloe Kardashian still can’t catch a break. Kourtney also decided to head into Season 3 by scorching her family. She mentions more than once that while the Kardashian Klan is good at celebrating wins, they aren’t great at grieving together. “I don’t think we know how to be there for each other on a deeper level,” Kourtney told her sister. Khloe disagreed, having experienced plenty of lows and feeling her family’s support through it all. In fact, Khloe pointed out that Kourtney wasn’t that supportive after Khloe brought her second baby home from the hospital and was struggling. Kourtney’s demeanor, paired with her beef with Kim, gives her a new air that I’m not loving. Now that she’s in her love bubble, Kourtney feels like she’s more justified in feeling like she’s better than her other family members. Khloe did reveal that she named the baby Tatum, which sounds cute next to True Thompson. The show tried to make it this major bomb, but I honestly can’t keep track of all of the celebrity babies whose names we still haven’t learned yet. Everyone kept joking that the baby looks exactly like Rob Kardashian, so it sounded like Khloe was almost more into the idea of naming him after her brother. As Khloe said, naming a human is hard. Kim also brought up that it’s hard to be such a cheerleader for Kanye for the kids while all the chaos was going down. She mentioned that when she’s driving the kids around, they always want to blast Kanye’s songs. “Inside, I’m like dying,” Kim said. She also worried about them seeing all of Kanye’s harmful words once they are older, and how she has to deal with that. Kim has a lot of privilege, but I don’t envy her co parenting situation and I don’t think anyone ever would. Unfortunately for this family, the drama is only just getting started. This is mostly what took me interest in the first episode for me. I’m hope you guys watch it soon.

Author: Kratos Agape


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