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The Kardashians Season 3 | Episode 3




We start The Kardashians Season 3 Episode 3 with a dinner hang between Kim and Scott. The two friends talk about what it is like being single and we get introduced to a new character in Kim’s life, wildly named by Scott as ‘Fred’ to keep the person’s identity under wraps. Khloe is seen with Tatum for the first time in the show and it is adorable. In her true style, she calls out the torture and the beauty in motherhood as we see her feeding Tatum. And is shows how Kim is collaborating with dolce . A big opportunity but Kim still thinking behind her head how Kourtney will feel with Kim having it this Collab so close after Kourtney wedding. Which it’s annoying for me because Kourtney for me bitches a lot lol Let Kim do what she wants no feeling involve it’s just business.

Author: Kratos Agape


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