The Kardashians Season 3 | Episode 4




Ok so back to the The Kardashians now in Season 3 Episode 4, we are back in Milan, Italy with Kim. And yes her stylist Danielle is still hasn’t arrive to Milan and, Kim sure is complaining. With 30 to 35 looks on her table, Kim and the D&G team plan to work all through the night in this episode to pull off some incredible looks. Kim tells us how the looks she put together, some of them being very vintage were what put her on the radar for this Collab, and she sure went ahead with it. She maintains, of course, that this was not cracked during the wedding and is very respectful of Kourtney. We see Kim work as the creative director and put her opinion and how she works. Danielle does come in later though in the scene and, we are not really sure if it is a good thing for D&G or Kim. . We see some styling differences between Kim and Danielle rise but, they don’t go anywhere. Kim decides to continue her confidence and told Danielle she is going with her taste in her fashion. Kim realize she can decide for herself and not needing Danielle all the time. Kourtney is still complaining about Kim’s stealing her wedding clothing for D&G but Kim had nothing to do with it. She did her best not to have Kourtney's wedding in the show! Kim as well shows that Courtney actually stoked her wedding by even getting married in Milan Italy. Anyways We move to a more open setting next which happens to be Kendall’s barn where she keeps her horses. Joining her in this episode is, of course, Kylie for horse riding and, the two sisters do their thing together. We set to learn about Kendall’s love for horses and more but, nothing substantial for Kylie, who still continues to be on the show possibly to keep the family name alive. So for me I thought it was a good episode to watch really shows how the sisters can really be competitive Even if they don’t think they are.

Author: Kratos Agape


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