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The Mindy Project



Season 1 | Episode 5
RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚝

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"On the mindy project , Mindy asks Danny to be her new gynaecologist, but as the time for her first physical exam comes closer , neither of them will admit that they feel too uncomfortable to go ahead with the appointment. But mindy destroys her feeling and knew that Danny wasn’t going to push through it because there friendship. Meanwhile, Jeremy wants to retrieve his expensive watch from Mindy's place since they had a friends with benefits and she just didn’t wanted to give l it back because how much of a jerk he was. So he ask help from Morgan and Betsy to break in but more lies to them and say it’s to decorate for her surprise half birthday. All in all pretty funny go see Danny sweat and Morgan freak out and leave because he doesn’t want to disappoint mindy. "

Author: Kratos Agape


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