The Patient Season 1 | Episode 1



Season 1 | Episode 1


"Alan (which is Steve carrel) a therapist wakes up and, finds to his horror, that he’s in a strange room and locked to several feet of chain to the floor. He’s been kidnapped by one of his patients who murders people sometimes. Sam tells Alan that he met with “three different Jewish therapists” before he settled on Alan. Sam doesn’t tell Alan how many people he’s killed, but he does share about being beaten “all the time” by his father, which he believes really messed him up. Alan’s chain doesn’t reach the bathroom, but Sam has left him , a container to urinate in and some toilet paper. We hear Sam urinate in the actual bathroom. Alan hope his children will figure out that he is missing soon. Definitely such a crazy insane thing to happen to a person Who just wanted to do his job."

Author: Kratos Agape


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