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Wednesday Season 1 | Episode 1




"It's has a great story and amazing actors/actresses but the characters drawn from the original Addams family aren't up to par with the original. Morticia doesn't have that moonlit glow along with that pop of bright red that has a good contrast with the overall dark color story and lets not forget the iconic winged out black/grey shadow of the original Morticia. The passion between Morticia and Gomez is relatively normal while in the original they were this couple with extreme passion. Gomez I think should have certain actions that bring a sense of the original Gomez such as a cigar, friendly sparring session with fellow in the background or even just a couple of scenes, more expressive hand gestures, facial expressions and dialogue. I do realize that the main character is Wednesday but with a series that has connection to well known movies I feel the other characters should have similar characteristics as the original. Now to Wednesday, the character seems logical which is a main trait of the original Wednesday but this version lack the ability to express emotions such as hidden fear, and excitement with her eyes which is a main trait in the original but mostly missed in this series. Overall it's a good start but I do hope in the future that they do come out with a new season that improves the behavior and expressive abilities of the characters. Even though the series shouldn't be the original it should have similar qualities that bring a sense of humor. Definitely want to watch more. Everyone come take the time and watch it. "

Author: Kratos Agape


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